Sheesh it's hard to write a bio! But if you want to learn a bit about me- here are some random facts:

- I'm a creative person who loves color and connection: I love matching my socks to my shirt.
- I am the oldest of 5 kids and grew up with a big emphasis on family and community. I believe firmly in open invites.
- I'm a nerd who has not done the required reading. I love TV but have seen hardly any movies.
- I collect herbs, salts, honeys, teas, crystals, rocks, and board games.
- I love culture and language. I speak Spanish, a conversational amount of ASL, and I spent a year attempting to learn Icelandic.



Your goalpost shouldn't be what's "normal" it should be what is mentally healthy for YOU. 


Freedom comes through chasing and accepting your fears.


You deserve a life of success AND failures. The messy lives are the ones with the most growth.




Growing up with severe undiagnosed OCD I experienced everything in black and white. Shame, fear, and pain were my companions and I felt utterly alone. When I reached rock bottom I was finally able to get help. 

Through treatment I went from  clinically severe to subclinical levels of OCD and feel I've gotten the chance at a second life! That is what inspires my mission. 

Post-OCD treatment I started to see just how much black-and-white thinking was all around me. I was sharing my story and watching my friends with and without OCD learn alongside me. I started to see that people with OCD aren't the only ones who are learning to live uncertain, find their values, or practice living in the grey.